Journées internationales d'Analyse statistique des Données Textuelles
7-10 juin 2016 Nice (France)
20 years of UK Budget speeches: correspondence analysis vs. networks of n-grams
Andrea Gobbo  1@  , Fahime Same  2@  
1 : LSE-London
2 : University of Cologne

In computational linguistics, repeated segments in a text can be derived and named in various ways. The notion of n-gram is very popular but retains a mathematical flavor that is ill-suited to hermeneutical efforts.

On the other hand, corpus linguistics uses many definitions for multi-words expressions, each one suited to a specific field of linguistics.

The present paper contributes to the debate on term extraction, a particular notion regarding multiword-expressions that is widely used in summarization of scientific texts. We compare and contrast two methods of term extraction: distance-based maps vs. graph-based maps. The use of network theory for the automated analysis of texts is here expanded to include the concept of community around newly identified keywords.

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